Eric Adriaans

Eric Visits the McMichael Gallery. Circa 2018.

Eric Adriaans is a Canadian writer and the host/creator of the Zensylvania website and podcast.

Eric was born in Belleville, Ontario and has lived, worked and travelled extensively throughout the province’s 1.076 million square kilometers. From Kenora and Thunder Bay in the Northwest to Ottawa in the east and then all the way back in the Southwest to St. Thomas…there aren’t many Ontario cities or towns that he hasn’t worked-in, lived-in or visited.

Eric obtained a B.A. in Psychology and English in 1993 from Carleton University in Ottawa. Later, he obtained NAFA’s Certified Fleet Manager designation and studied Legislative Drafting at Athabasca University.

Eric spent 25-years in the charitable sector (1991-2016) as a fundraising and community development specialist employed by several of Canada’s most valued and respected health, animal welfare, and human rights charities. He capped his charitable sector career as the National Executive Director for one of Canada’s leading secular humanist charities.

Eric (far left) and colleagues at the Lester B. Pearson Building during meetings with Global Affairs Canada’s Ambassador Andrew Bennett (far right) and representatives of the UNHCR. Circa 2015.

In 2017, Eric self-published his first collection of poetry, Leviathan: The Biographia Isocratica of Adrian Kun. He has also created and curated several websites. Launched in 2021, the Zensylvania website and podcast is his latest creative initiative.

Eric thinks about Walden Pond. Circa 2012.