Eric Adriaans writes poetry, fiction, essays covering a number of topics he knows very little about, but enjoys anyway. His first collection of poetry is Leviathan: The Biographia Isocratica of Adrian Kun.

Eric lives in Southwestern Ontario where he puts a combined Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and English Language and Literature plus a smattering of Legislative Drafting and Supply Chain Management education to modest use.

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Leviathan: The Biographia Isocratica of Adrian Kun

August 2016

Eric Adriaans is the author of this collection of poetry, published in 2016. Limited quantities are available. Inquire using the contact page.

Learning Tai Chi After 50

November 21, 2020

Several months after my forty-fourth birthday, I purchased a battered and abused 1982 Yamaha XJ550 Maxim. It was my first, and so far only, motorcycle. I acquired the Maxim to fulfill a long-deferred curiosity and ambition…as my fiftieth birthday came and went, I began an approach to another long-deferred curiosity and ambition: Tai Chi…

Footnotes to an Archetype:
An Inquiry into “Leviathan”.

Leviathan is, potentially, any great sea monster or beast. Leviathan is a sea dragon, the great white shark, Moby Dick, the kraken, megalodon, the Kun form of the Kun-Peng…