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Footnotes to An Archetype: An Inquiry into “Leviathan”

  4. Job 41:1 Rendering Courtesy of:
  5. Image of a naturalistic depiction of the biblical Leviathan
  6. Image of a watery Dragon and Beowulf artist cited as Karl Kopinski:
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Footnotes to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

  1. Source list to be developed

Footnotes to Niksen: An Inquiry into Doing Nothing


Footnotes to Buddhism’s Four Seals

  1. Source List to be developed

Footnotes to Being Water: An Inquiry into The Lee Family Philosophy

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Footnotes to a Process: An Inquiry Into Meditation

  1. Zen Mountain Monastery:

Tai Chi: Movement as Metaphor

  1. Source List to be developed

Tai Chi in the Morning

  1. Photo Credit: Tai Chi Vectors by Vecteezy
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  7. Photo Credit:

(Learning) Tai Chi After 50

(Learning) Tai Chi After 50 was originally published as a blog-post as “Tai Chi After 50” on November 21, 2020. Due to the idiosyncratic elocution needs of automated text to voice software used for the podcast version of Zensylvania, an updated version of the essay was re-loaded to the the website as “Learning” on August 5, 2021.

  1. Black and white photo of a person sitting casually on a Honda CB750 courtesy of:
  2. The grey-on-grey graphic contained in this article was developed from an image found on: Tai Chi Vectors by Vecteezy

On Footnotes

  1. Definition of “footnotes”:
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Leviathan: The Biographia Isocratica of Adrian Kun

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