Denotations and Connotations

In recent times, I’ve become more and more convinced that the way people use language is complicated and some times confounded by the definitions of the words we use. This seems to be especially relevant when the matters being discussed are topical, contentious, highly contextual or related to deeply-felt sentiments. As a result, it seems useful to explore the ways that we assign meaning to … Continue reading Denotations and Connotations

Driving Fuzzy: Further Incomplete Explorations of Fuzzy Logic

In my earlier essay, Living Fuzzy: An Incomplete Exploration of Fuzzy Logic, I began an examination of fuzzy logic and how it may be relevant to living the kind of life I want to live and being the kind of person I want to be. Well, a few months have passed and I think it’s time to return to some of those musings and investigations. … Continue reading Driving Fuzzy: Further Incomplete Explorations of Fuzzy Logic

On Shadetrees

During the course of reading and considering Plato’s Phaedrus dialogue, I had occasion to reflect that the act of sitting under a shady tree, both literally and metaphorically, is a fundamental human experience that very nearly every human being has access to. This notion seems to offer an interesting place to explore what exactly all of that means. It seems like intriguing new Zensylvania territory. … Continue reading On Shadetrees