August 1834, Demerara

A ship of the firm Sanders Crossing Company, arrived at Georgetown Landing on the first day of August, 1834. Mr. Alfred Jingle studied this date distinctly, and celebrated it as his birthday thereafter.  It was a matter of considerable weight in his mind. The majority of Alf Jingle’s voyage-mates had found the journey a grueling and tiresome affair. Not Jingle. Employing his unusual and distinctive … Continue reading August 1834, Demerara


Several months after my forty-fourth birthday, I purchased a battered and abused 1982 Yamaha XJ Five-fifty Maxim. While I had previously owned and enjoyed many different cars and trucks, the Maxim was my first motorcycle. So far, it has been my only motorcycle. In part, I acquired the Maxim to fulfill a long-deferred curiosity and ambition. That being, of course, to learn how to ride … Continue reading Learning

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Welcome To Zensylvania

Welcome to Zensylvania. My name is Eric Adriaans and I’ll be your host, tour-guide or master of ceremonies. You decide which. In Zensylvania, I explore motorcycle zen, literature, philosophy, and a variety of other obsessions which provide me with meaningful and sometimes unexpected insights into living the kind of life I want to live and being the kind of person I want to be. I’m … Continue reading Welcome To Zensylvania